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In 1836, F.A. Ferris & Company, Inc. was founded by a man named John Cape in Ridgewood, New York . Ferris was widely known for its delicious old world recipes and tradition of making top quality smoked products, ham, pastrami, corned beef, bologna, and other quality deli items.

Stahl Meyer Easter ParadeStahl Meyer Beef Stew

In the 1890’s, two more meat manufacturers emerged in the New York City area. In 1894 Louis Meyer founded Louis Meyer & Company and in 1895 Otto Stahl founded Otto Stahl & Company, both manufacturers producing smoked meat and provisions. As major competitors in an industry in which both manufacturers provided equal quality and costumer satisfaction, Louis Meyer and Otto Stahl merged to become Stahl-Meyer, Inc.

Stahl Meyer Hams

In 1928, F.A. Ferris and company merged with Stahl-Meyer Inc. to become what it is known today as Ferris, Stahl-Meyer Inc., a major manufacturer of top quality cold cuts and Frankfurters.

Stahl Meyer Sausages
Stahl Meyer SausagesStahl Meyer Sausages

In 1946, The Brand Name Research Foundation issued certificates to brand names familiar during Colonial times and which were still being used by the modern housewife. Ferris was one of the companies located in the New York Metropolitan area honored by the Foundation. Ferris received this honor for their Ham and Bacon products. A “Certificate of Public Service”, was awarded at a dinner in recognition of the contribution the company had made for continuous public service and for being an American household name brand for over one hundred years.

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In the 1950’s, Ferris, Stahl-Meyer supplied all of the major league baseball parks in the New York City area with their 100% All-Beef Frankfurter. Whether you were a fan of the Yankees, Giants, or Brooklyn Dodgers, you were most likely enjoying a famous Stahl-Meyer Frankfurter while watching a game. Also during the 1950’s, a series of baseball card sets were distributed and sponsored by different food companies in the area. One of the rarest regional baseball card sets to come occurred in 1953 and was issued by Stahl-Meyer, Inc. These baseball cards were only available within a packet of Stahl-Meyer 100% All-Beef Frankfurter. On each of the baseball cards was a famous baseball star and their statistics. On the back of each baseball card was a raffle to win FREE tickets to any of the three stadiums. All customers had to do was send Stahl-Meyer, Inc. a letter of 25 words or less explaining why they liked Stahl-Meyer Hot Dogs.

The baseball card sets included Mickey Mantle, Phil Rizzuto, and Hank Bauer of the New York Yankees, Roy Campenella, Gil Hodges, Monte Irvin, Duke Snider, Carl Erskinen, and Don “Duke” Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers, and Willie Mays and Bobby Thompson of the New York Giants. Today, these baseball card sets are very valuable and considered one of the rarest sets to come out during the 1950’s.

Brooklyn Dodgers Set

Stahl Meyer Brooklyn Dodgers CardsStahl Meyer Brooklyn Dodgers CardsStahl Meyer Brooklyn Dodgers CardsStahl Meyer Brooklyn Dodgers Cards

New York Giants Set

Stahl Meyer New York Giants Cards

New York Yankees Set

Stahl Meyer New York Yankees CardsStahl Meyer New York Yankees CardsStahl Meyer New York Yankees Cards

Stahl Meyer Liverwurst
Stahl Meyer Coctail Suasages and Frankfurters

Ferris, Stahl-Meyer is still a family owned and operated meat processing company located in the Bronx, New York. As a company, we continue the same long-standing tradition that has been handed down by our family to provide customers with an assortment of quality deli and Frankfurter provisions. This is why we continue to follow the original old-world recipe traditions while incorporating modern technology to make to finest quality products.

Our President and CEO, Mr. Guillermo Gonzalez, has been with the company since 1980. He learned the ins and outs of the business by working in each department, starting from the bottom and working his way upward in the company. Today, he runs the plant along with our Vice President of Operations and group of managers who collectively have over 35 years experience in our company and within the meat industry.

As a company, our owners and employees work hard to ensure USDA standards and to bring the best products to our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, our tradition of providing the finest products along with our top customer service allow us to enjoy the great reputation our company has maintained since 1836.

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Established in The 1800’s Ferris, Stahl-Meyer is still
known as a leader in the meat processing industry.