Our Brands

Stahl Meyer


The Ferris brand dating back to 1836, represents the finest quality in corned beef and pastrami products. Ferris has been known for its old world recipes, these items are manufactured and distributed to the finest dining establishments.


The Stahl-Meyer brand dates back to 1894. Today, the Stahl-Meyer label represents a family of quality beef products. Our 100 percent beef frankfurter, cocktail sausages, Ham, bologna, salamis and smoked products are sold in major retail stores and wholesale distributors.

Sweet Meadow Farms

The Sweet Meadow Farms brand was added to the Ferris, Stahl-Meyer family of products in 1960. The “Sweet meadow” label represents our quality line of processed poultry products. Those items include Chicken frankfurters, Hot Dogs and knockwurst.

El Conquistador

To satisfy the needs of the growing Hispanic consumer, The El Conquistador brand was developed in 1996. El Conquistador is our premium brand of Hispanic salami products. We use the finest ingredients to create that “Special” flavor that is enjoyed by so many.

El Taino

For the price conscious consumer, Ferris, Stahl-Meyer created the EL Taino brand of Hispanic salami products. This item is sold pre-priced at the retail store level to specifically satisfy the needs of our “value conscious” customer base.